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Fall Festival & Fundraising

Enhance your fall experience by joining the highly anticipated Second Chance Fall Festival & Fundraising event this season.

All proceedings will go to Second Chance Foundation.

Ladies Swing & Sip

Please join us for fun day and learn how to play golf. Registration includes light refreshments and a glass of wine. Only 30 seats available!

All proceeds will go to Second Chance Foundation.

Work Keys Testing

Click the link below to schedule your work keys testing. If you have any problems scheduling your work keys test, please email us at

GED | Application for Participation

Click the link below to full up your application for the GED or alternative High School Diploma.

Therapeutic Behavioral Counseling

Second Chance Foundation provides individual and group counseling to at-risk youth in Montgomery and surrounding counties. Using the CBT model of counseling, we strive to instill skills of anger management, decision-making and conflict resolution into our youth.

Community Service

At Second Chance, we believe that helping others helps you. Therefore, each student has the option to participate in community service opportunities. 
We have volunteered with Halcyon Elementary, Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, and many more organizations.

GED & Work Readiness

The Second Chance Works program is part of the Second Chance Foundation designed for youth currently out of school and at risk for not completing a traditional high school programs due to various circumstances (expulsion, dropout, legal issues, etc.).
Our Mission is to help out- of school youth between the ages of 16-24 build skills necessary to enter and maintain employment, while guiding each youth through exploration of career possibilities.
This program provides free GED preparation and testing, counseling, and career preparation to participants.